Turkey’s Famous Testi kabab recipe

Let’s unveil the secrets of Turkish Cuisine and make these delicious Testi Kabab. The juicy and tender meat will melt in your mouth like anything. Give these flavorful Testi Kabab a try and let us know how they turned out.


Mutton boneless 1 kgMutton bones 250 gOil 3 tbsp + 1/2 cupChicken boneless 1/2 kgTomato sauce 1/4 cupPaprika powder 1/4 tspDried Thyme 1/4 tsp

Garlic cloves 3-4 (for each pot)Green Capsicum cubes 2-3 (for each pot)Red capsicum cubes 2-3 (for each pot)Onion cubes 2-3 (for each pot)Green chilies 3-4 (for each pot)Black peppercorns 1 tbsp (for each pot)Bay leaf 1 (for each pot)

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1 . In a pot heat water and add mutton and bones. Boil until mutton is half done. Take off flame and reserve the stock for later use.

2 . In another pan heat oil and add chicken. Cook for 3-4 mins. Take off flame and set aside.

3 . In a bowl add boiled mutton and cooked chicken. Now add tomato sauce, salt, thyme, paprika and red chili powder. Mix well and marinate for 10-15 mins.

4 . In a clay pot add 1/2 cup of oil, 1 cup of mutton stock, marinated meat, green capsicum, red capsicum, onion, stock, garlic cloves, green chilies, black pepper powder, bay leaf and seal the clay pot mouth with dough.

5 . Now place the clay pot on heated coal pieces. Cook for 45-50 mins on a low heat of coal.

6 . Take off the lid and serve hot. Your Testi Kabab are ready.